Design is one thing that existed before humans did. I believe that from the arrangements of billions of stars in billions of galaxies to the living cell organisms, everything has been designed. Human life has been designed; the Earth has been designed. Science has been designed. Atoms are designed in certain ways which we call types of matter. Everything that you see, or you miss to see. The space between your eyes and the screen you’re reading this at, where you think you see nothing; has been designed. The point of all this is to simplify the things that you cannot observe and is really where good design lies.

Don’t ask me about the designer though.

I’m not into design to create just mobile apps, no one becomes a good designer by thinking about creating just pixels on a screen; you need to step out of it. I’m into design because I am curious to learn about how everything works. Learning about how a flight makes a turn or how a new language is created or how food is produced or how money is created or how a computer works; has been designed by people no different than us, who can give themselves different professional titles, but in the end, are all designers. And that’s what I think design is all about. And to have the power to change it all, rethink it, make a difference, you have to be a designer. And I believe, designers who have the ability to see between the space to identify the problems within the space that everyone finds simple or good enough, have the power to change the world. With a solution obviously; and that’s what designers do.

Identify the problem and solve it. Big or small, is limited to your imagination.

I invite you to take up the challenge, and be a designer.


Who am I? / You can reach out to me.

Building • Previously at Google, Zomato ⚡️

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